adidas Pure Boost 2017 20210804

I sent out a pair of shoes. One was new, the other was dirty soles and uppers. Both of them were different. The first time I contacted customer service, the customer service told me that it was dirty. It didn’t affect that I sent him the quality inspection standards of the shoes were worn out and told me it was a dirty 666. I said to return it, you have to let me choose other questions. If you send a pair of dirty shoes, do you want to return the dirty shoes

It’s well dressed and looks good. The only thing that I don’t feel very good about is that it’s too obvious to be tried on. After opening the box, one shoe is wrapped in paper, one shoe is outside the paper, one shoe has a shoe brace inside, and the other is not. But I’m not a picky perfectionist. Shoes without defects are good shoes. They are comfortable and breathable.

adidas Pure Boost 2017

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