Nike Air VaporMax CS 20210805

Get checked the quality. Compared with flyknit material, I would prefer the combination of fabric and leather, so I won’t hesitate to take it. Shoes are also too small, generally must choose half size. The surging feeling of the vapormax is very strong

When I was going to buy running shoes, I was going to buy vapormax or UB, However, I have a good impression of nike air cushion recently. I bought Kd9 and lbj15 air cushions, and I think the large air cushion is more beautiful, so I choose the large air cushion. I choose this one because I think it is better than the woven upper. But after I come back, the upper still has some influence. The side is a little hard, and there is a certain problem of air permeability. Finally, it’s rash to pack the box. The paper box outside is bigger than the shoe box. After opening the paper box, the shoe box is half open. The shoes are in a mess, which makes people feel uncomfortable. There is also a serious suspicion that the shoes have been used. First of all, the two shoes are very casual. They are not the same, and obviously they are not the original ones. The binding of the two pairs of shoes and shoelaces is not the same Same, but the soles are clean. After the inspection, it was genuine, but I f

Nike Air VaporMax CS

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