Asics Gel-Flux 4 20210806

I’ve received it for several days. I’m ready to run. I’ll comment again, but it’s coming new year. I’m so busy. It looks good. After wearing it, I feel good. The sole is not soft. I heard that I have to run several times before I can feel the difference between Arthur’s professional running shoes. I have tried to comment again. At present, I feel good,

On the whole, I’m very satisfied. Arthur’s running shoes are very professional. The student party just does the ordinary jogging. I have done the professional test. Many people think that this pair of entry-level shoes is the best among the cheap ones. However, the details of the soles are not very fine and rough, and the other parts are very good. The size 36 Pair fits well for several kilometers I think the shock absorption and cushioning effect is better, and there is no feeling of stepping on the excrement

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